Fashion Revolution Week Day 3: The Rana Plaza Disaster 5th Year Anniversary

Rana Plaza Building Collapse. April 24th 2013. Bangladesh

Rana Plaza Building Collapse. April 24th 2013. Bangladesh

Today marks the 5th year Anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse killing 1,138 people, injuring 2,500 and traumatizing a community for life in Bangladesh. A result of undermined structural flaws in efforts to push production instead of the well-being of the workers inside.  

The cries of those lost, affected, and involved were heard and those privileged to use their freedom and platform to advocate new standards stood up. 5 years later Fashion Revolution continues to push radical policy, institutional, economic, and operational change by empowering the brand, consumer and government to engage.

Today, we stand with those affected by labor laws that do not honor inalienable human rights. Today we stand with those who are no longer with us. And today, we stand as a brand pioneering systematic change to adopt ethical and sustainable practices within the industry as the norm.

Advocate, Activate, and Pioneer with us at Dhana.