Are brand values in alignment with consumer values?


We are honored to be sharing with our community and the greater world the WearOurValues Report 2019. Our first consumer report examining the need for transparency as it has to do with awareness of value-alignment between the brand and the customer.

We began this journey in 2018, surveying over 5,000 people across 97 countries, positioning Dhana as the medium between the consumer and the brand within the fashion industry’s niche conversation on sustainability.

Today, the report conveys the perception individuals have of the possibility of value-alignment between themselves and the brand and reveals the diversity of transparency requested by the consumer. Highlighting the needs of conscious consumers who are expecting brands to remedy the environmental and social issues of the fashion industry.  

Dhana brings this report forward to unfold the various aspects brands can transform, innovate and share in order to hold themselves accountable and appeal to consumers at large. Dhana invites brands to introspectively assess their own values and practices, make changes to benefit the people and planet, and to create informative shopping environments (online or in-person) to allow consumers to make informed shopping decisions reflective of their fundamental values.

Amongst individuals, this report is a catalyst to expand the conversation around transparency - to inquire more from brands, exercise their resources to learn more about the production of fashion and to seek out brands that offer transparency.

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