Fashion Revolution Week Day 2: #IMadeYourClothes

We told you we would share more about the people and process behind your clothes. So without further adieu, we are please to introduce you to Sheldyn Nicholson, our designer for our teens collection responding to Fashion Revolution Week’s #WhoMadeMyClothes?

Sheldyn Nicolson, Designer at Dhana Inc.

Sheldyn Nicolson, Designer at Dhana Inc.


As a designer witnessing the current state of fashion, how are you transforming the way you make, influence and design clothes for our youth?



Every decision throughout the design process has a great long-term impact. It's important to be thoughtful about the impact of your design choices and ensure you are taking responsibility for your work. However, tackling the social and environmental problems in fashion will not be easy unless we all do our part. Awareness and education are crucial not just for designers, but also consumers. We need to spend our money on the brands who are doing the right thing, this will encourage the change we need.

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