Can You Wear Your Values to Advocate for Change?


A Wave of Consumers Ready For Something Fresh

As of now, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry to the planet, following petroleum, with an emphasis on fast fashion to produce low quality, high volume, low priced clothes in order to meet high demand. But there is hope. Millennials are shopping less, seeking brands with sustainable purpose and willing to spend more for products and services that support the people and planet. We are seeing Pivotals (ages 13-34) use arts and social media as a medium of self-expression, challenging societal normality to support their core beliefs.

This generation of hyper-engaged consumers are the advocates WearOurValues aims to connect with offering a platform for change, raising awareness on the power of conversation and encouraging incremental solutions to be adopted into everyday lifestyles to make conscious shopping a preferred option.

Product & Place

 The campaign call-to-action consist of two parts:

  1. The Surveyaimed at better understanding consumer values and what aspects of brand’s supply chains they wish were made public. The survey will introduce to the idea of thinking deeper about their relationships with brands as they go forward.

  2.  #WearOurValues

The Power of a Hashtag

#WearOurValues is a call-to-action to raise awareness and show your solutions and impact to aid the effects of the fashion industry. When sharing #WearOurValues, you are communicating how the clothes you wear are reflective of who you are and what you stand for. You have the ability to spread awareness, show your direct input, and discover and connect with other like-minded individuals.

The beauty of using a hashtag is it is inclusive to everyone. The more you share, the more people see, and the greater our collective thinking around consumption changes. By empowering consumers to generate attention in the ways we can transform our everyday lifestyle, we are creating a lasting impact on the people around us. The more #WearOurValues is seen, the more curious your community becomes and the more willing others will be to adopt.

We invite you to be an advocate for the movement, empower your community, and help us transform the industry to support the people and planet of the next generation.

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