The True Cost Review: 10 Themes Evolving in The Fashion Industry

In 2015 fashion history was made as the director, Andrew Morgan shared the complexity of the fashion industry and its impact on some of the most vulnerable communities in The True Cost movie. A response to the industry’s worst tragedy--The Rana Plaza Disaster-the film travels to countries like Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia inviting the audience on a groundbreaking roller-coaster from cotton seed-to-store as a call-to-action for the industry, brands, and consumers alike.

During a time when consumers are demanding more transparency, the Dhana Tribe is pleased to honor The True Cost in a series of articles highlighting several aspects of the film to illustrate the connections industries, brands, and consumers have as a vehicle for empowerment to drive change. Each is dedicated to diving deep in unveiling the following themes, emphasizing their impact on social and environmental justice:

Thanks to industry players like Fashion Revolution, Global Fashion Agenda, the B Corp Movement, and Fair Trade International, commitments have been made between industry leaders, small brands, and individuals to reduce the negative impact of these 11 themes and pioneer a revolution of values.

As we reflect on the film, we invite you to look at the articles as a tool for disruption to question the ways in which we engage with brands, endorse their practices, consume as a society, and honor the people and planet behind our clothes.

Read to discover, share to empower, and discuss to catalyze the movement inspired by The True Cost, towards a sustainable future for all people and planet.