Teen Vogue: The New Voice for Feminism, Activism and Causes Alike

ABC News' "Nightline" recently covered the evolution of Teen Vogue and it's daring ability to offer an in-demand form of journalism as a traditonal high-fashion magazine. 31 year old, Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Elaine Welteroth, described the Teen Vogue movement as, "....it's about...inspiring people who are progressive thinkers who want to see change" (ABC News). 

The magazine has taken strides to use its platform as a house of discussion for topics like: feminism, immigration, politics and race. While not labeling themselves as a liberal magazine, instead Teen Vogue dedicates itself to sharing stories of importance that deserve conversation. Catalyzing a movement amongst active socially conscious youth seeking a platform to share, empower and give voice to inclusivity and justice, the Dhana Tribe is proud to give thanks to Elaine Welteroth and all at Teen Vogue for their commitment to social responsibility. 

For information and ABC News source: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/teen-vogues-evolution-high-fashion-magazine-community-activism/story?id=52104594