Fashion Revolution Week Day 6: Expressing Gratitude For the Community



Taking today to thank all the pro-fashion protestors that are advocating and activating a new standard for the fashion industry!

We are giving a round of applause for the people who have created a space on their timelines via #WhoMadeMyClothes, stories and digital community to raise awareness, offer tools, share brands and show simple lifestyle change can be.

We are giving a round of applause to all the brands that have chosen go to against the norm and show #IMadeYourClothes.

We are giving a round of applause to all the small businesses that are creating in alignment with their values.

And we are giving high appreciation to Fashion Revolution for sparking the movement and making it inclusive to all.  


Transparency in the fashion industry is important because it lets consumers make informed shopping choices, knowing what went into their clothes (just like our food) and how this process impacts our health and community. As individuals honoring nature, we have the opportunity to make sure what we buy does too! That way we know just what the impact was in making the clothes, what is going on our skin and what isn’t going back into the environment.


Thank you on Day 6 from the people, planet, and future generations πŸ™πŸ½.

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