Proving You Can Give Love to a Unique Significant Other Beyond Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day for anyone who has love to give to the environment and all the beautiful people of the world! In honor of this day our collaborative music video with Aaron Ableman is available now as an ode to love between humanity and the nature.

For an intimate perspective on the ideas, inspiration and creation behind the process, check out what our project partners had to say when asked what their thoughts were on the journey and impact. 

The Artist Behind the Song: Aaron Ableman

“I am inspired to partner with Dhana Inc. We have a mutual vision for using entertainment, fashion, and business to amplify social and environmental solutions. In these times of great unrest and turmoil, we must nurture and grow such cross-sector relationships if we’re to hope for a better tomorrow. Our children and coming generations are worth every risk imaginable!” shared Mr. Ableman.

The Talented Camera Guy (everyone needs): Eric Montross

"At this time, we are experiencing unprecedented earth changes and we are seeing the impact that our collective actions can have in this world.  Right now, it is essential that we utilize music, art, and media to inspire one another to move towards a more sustainable way of life.  I Love Nature is all about participating in a movement which is focused on reconnecting and finding that deep reverence for the natural world around us" explained Eric Montross, Director of the I Love Nature music video and founder of Macroshift Media

The Creative Dance Mom spearheading magic: Annie Thistle

"Much of the beauty of training so diligently in dance, as these young performers do, is realized through artistic projects and opportunities that allow them to contribute to something greater than themselves.  This experience has allowed them to share their art and connect to important causes, reflecting on ways they can impact others not only through artistic expression, but choices and actions as well.” shared Annie Thistle, Owner and Artistic Director, PAAM

Oh… and us! Shamini Dhana had some uplifting words of wisdom too

“Dhana celebrates the unique partnership with Alive & Awake as it tells a story of interdependence between the planet, people and the beauty of our cultural diversity. Just as Nature has inspired Dhana’s fashion through its minerals, vegetation, colors and design, we hope that through this music video, children of all ages are inspired and empowered to enjoy life anew and give meaning to their unique gifts in restoring and regenerating planet earth”, affirms Shamini Dhana, Founder and CEO, Dhana Inc.

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