What is the Dhana Tribe? Answered by our Founder

Welcome Friends to Dhana Tribe!

Ten years in the making and we have come long way, touching hundreds of hands and hearts, while building a brand that believes in its essence “We’re Wearin’ the World. Our ethos has never been challenged more than when we launched in 2008, when sustainable fashion was considered a ‘nice-to-have’ and not a need to make an impact. When the word “transparency” was not thought of the same way as “productivity”, “return on investment” or “maximization of shareholder value”.  When the values of the consumer were not thought of as an extension of one’s clothes or that we could use the power of our voice and actions to demand that brands and companies treat and honor people and planet as part of their guiding principle.

Well a lot has changed, and consumers have indeed woken up, thanks to content being shared via the web…. to a world, that has been driven by material and profits. And yet, Dhana continued to stand strong on our values and commitment towards honoring all people along the way whilst creating fashion for our next generation leaders.  In fact, we were so bold to make the statement that we, Dhana, as a culture valued “People and Planet before Profit”.

Why you ask? Because how could we not? How could we truly continue our business knowing that someone along the way was being treated badly, compromised in an unsafe environment when knowing there was a better alternative that would reduce the impact on the environment? You see, it all comes down to having a conscience and living life so that everyone thrives with respect and is celebrated for his or her own contribution. Lives matter. People matter. And so does our Planet.

This has always been our commitment and will continue to be so as we strive to innovate and transform consumer awareness and behavior by providing alternative solutions that are creative, empowering and important to you.  We believe that we have the responsibility to magnify that which is causing all of us concern; to give a voice to what is being demanded, to celebrate the breakthroughs   and to galvanize the next generation leaders to be the change they want to see in the world.  This is the Dhana Tribe – the platform for “Uniting Humanity Through Fashion”. Because Everyone Wears Clothes.

We welcome your engagement, your thoughts and perspectives to challenge the status quo. For without change there will be no evolution towards a life in harmony with nature and all species on Earth. Here’s to an adventure of inquiry, transformation and oomph!


Best of Life,

Shamini Dhana