A Place Where Fashion Leaders, Creatives, NGOs & Organizations Meet To Inspire Radical Change in the Fashion Industry

In May 2019, Founder & CEO of Dhana Inc, Shamini Dhana traveled to Denmark for her annual attendance of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the summit theme “10 years of Rewriting Fashion” uniting fashion leaders, policymakers, NGOs, creatives and innovators around the world with one goal in mind: “to rewrite the fashion story and bring the global fashion industry with [us], starting with people”.  

Shamini Dhana, Founder & CEO, Dhana Inc.

Shamini Dhana, Founder & CEO, Dhana Inc.

The two-day event (with roundtable meetings, panels, and networking taking place 2 days prior) pioneered a space to release new innovations, solutions, commitments, collaborations and inspiration towards aiding the impact of one of the most resource-intensive industries.

Focused around the call-to-action “it’s on us as an industry to drive this change”, roughly 1,300 people representing 450 different companies, NGOs and organizations, and 48 countries participated in discourse redefining radical change on sustainability in the collective fashion system.

The Pulse of the Fashion Industry Masterclass

The day before the summit Shamini Dhana shared alongside Morten Lehmann, Chief Sustainability Office of Global Fashion Agenda and members of the Boston Consulting Group and the Sustainable Fashion Alliance in a panel diving deep into the Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2019 Report. Urging acceleration towards change as our current pace, if not improved, will not prevent the fashion industry from being a net contributor of carbon emissions (and prevent the Paris Agreement from achieving), plus ways to engage the consumer to disrupt standards inspired by Dhana’s WearOurValues Report 2019

Highlights of the Event 

Innovation in the Fashion Industry:

A reflective conversation from industry pioneer, Chairman, and CEO of Kering, François-Henri Pinault, discussing his journey and vision to put social and environmental sustainability at the core of the business.

“Companies must turn into good corporate citizens”


Taking the Pulse of the Fashion Industry:

Putting the spotlight on current industry performance and providing guidance for concrete action addressing priorities such as supply chain traceability, combating climate change, efficient use of water, energy and chemicals, circular fashion systems, and promotion of better wage systems.



Hidden Supply Chains:

The complexity of fashion supply chains is vast. Securing traceability and basic human rights beyond factories and local communities is tricky, especially for information workers such as children



The End of Ownership:

“In 2018…. the second-hand clothing market pulled in $24 billion. By 2028 about 13% of a women’s wardrobe will be made up of second-hand clothes, twice of what it is today.”



Overall Facts of The Summit

  • 78 Speakers

  • 1,300 Attendees

  • 50 Solution Exhibitors

  • 7 Roundtable Meetings

  • 600+ meetings between brands and solution providers

  • 48 countries represented

  • 450+ brands & organizations represented

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Dhana’s WearOurValues Report 2019 here.