Waste-Free Target Pledge for 2020

Global Fashion Agenda: The leader in mobilizing the push within the fashion industry to transform the way in which we produce to better support the people and planet. GFA has coordinated with 64 companies (including Dhana)--resulting 143 brands---to innovate circular design models for an environmentally and economically sustainable economy. GFA has bundled the movement as the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment and has thrown away today's traditional, linear, textile model, "take-make-dispose" and is requesting companies pledge to create a waste-free industry, setting target goals for 2020.  By June 30, 2017 companies, brands and industry leaders commited to at least one pledge of the outlined action points:

  1. Implementing design strategies for cyclability  
  2. Increasing the volume of used garments collected
  3. Increasing the volume of used garments resold
  4. Increasing the share of garments made from recycled post-consumer textile fibers

Brands like Target, Reformation, Adidas and more signed the pledge and are leading in the movement to clean up the messy industry we wear. The commitment is on and the list of new league trendsetters are available! For more information please visit the Global Fashion Agenda                                                                             

*Dhana Inc. has pledged to take on all four action points by 2020.*