Honoring The Women Along The Way


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Because within Dhana, we are creating a balance for better in inviting girls, women, and all to the table in empowering social change, accountability, and harmony


To be Woman is...

"To give life, love, power, respect, compassion, and empathy to all in understanding our collective as beings unite us and our uniqueness as individuals inspire us to protect each other and mother nature."

- Bailee Christmas, Marketing Associate


To be Woman is...

"Female characters occupy a non-negligible role in social development. In this era of fairness and harmony, we need to work together to improve social issues through the power of women."

- Yichen Zhang, Graphic Design Assistant


A Word From Our Founder

Today, Dhana pays tribute to All the Women behind our clothes and Celebrate their Contribution to the world of sustainable fashion. Celebrating the strength, kindness, creativity, and passion of all women. Empowering our daughters and girls to step up,  speak out and share their voice, gifts and contributions with the world - Happy International Women’s Day!

- Shamini Dhana, Founder & CEO

Dhana Tribe