I Love Nature Trailer, One Artist Inspired by We're Wearin' The World

In 2015 I Love Nature was created at the request of Dhana’s founder Shamini Dhana, when she approached award-winning artist, Aaron Ableman to write a song that embodies the Dhana tag line “We’re Wearin’ the World”. 

Together, Aaron and Shamini sat down to discuss how the natural world’s elements depicted in the colors of the Dhana logo (air, water, land sun/heat) are vital to all life on earth and the basis for human’s design inspiration and the material world. The two discussed how all of humanity travel the journey of life from birth to death dependent on nature for sustenance, play, adventure, solutions, remedies and much, much more.

And so, this journey of life is depicted in I Love Nature through the lens of a child’s growing up and their comfort connecting to Nature for solace, inspiration, meaning, and centeredness at each stage of their life, as a constant reminder of our connection to the people and planet.

Upon completion of the song, Dhana has used the song in fashion shows, videos and eventually teamed up again with Aaron Ableman to produce an inspiring music video for the next generation leaders—the youth.