A Commitment Toward A Waste-Free Industry

As an environmental and socially conscious brand, we at Dhana have recognized the importance in using design and supply chain management practices to reduce our emissions, waste and support laborers within the farming and garment industry. As a pledge to the future, Dhana has chosen to stand with the Global Fashion Agenda and actively commit to creating a circular system for fashion innovating new textiles, collecting used garments and recycling and reusing materials to prolong use.

Currently, there are 64 companies and corporations, totaling 134 brands and 7.5 percent of the global fashion market that have pledging to set public targets and enforce circular strategies for 2020. Dhana believes in maximizing efforts when the opportunity grants itself and has signed to commit to all four action targets by 2020:

  1.    Implementing design strategy for cyclability                                                                             
  2.    Increasing volume of used garments collected                                                                             
  3.    Increasing resale of used garments                                                                                           
  4.   Increasing use of recycled textile fibers

The Current Textile Model is Diminishing the Planet’s Threshold

The traditional, textile, linear model “take-make-dispose”, is weakening the environmental and economic economy of the world, relying on large volumes of cheap materials and energy. As of now less than 1 percent of clothing is recycled into new clothes and if no changes are made the industry will consist of one quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050.

Dhana is dedicated to achieving these goals as a means of pioneering a progressive future that reduces the demand on materials, resources and environmental pressures, while preventing further economic value loss—a current $500 billion value loss annually. In devoting our efforts to offer creative power, adopt innovative methods and share our knowledge throughout our process, we plan to build a sustainable network for the circular system, solidifying Dhana’s mission to reconnect humanity and nature through the medium of fashion

Image of 'Cycle Model' credit - Global Fashion Agenda http://www.globalfashionagenda.com/initiatives/