10 Defining Moments in 2017

Dear Dhana Tribe,

We have decided to take Dhana one step further and create a community of conversation that inspires, empowers and educates individuals around the world to think deeper about our identity and how we choose to wear it.

At Dhana we live and work by the philosophy of always meeting customers standards, honoring the individuals involved and impacted during production, while also protecting the planet. As 2017 came to a close, we reflected on the moments that defined our year and have taken this opportunity to celebrate them with you. And for those of you unfamiliar with Dhana, let this be our formal introduction to our mission, “Uniting Humanity Through Fashion”.

  1. Participated in B Lab’s ‘Inclusive Economy Challenge
  2. Launched #WearOurValues social campaign
  3. Screening of Andrew Morgan’s “The True Cost” in Marin County, California
  4. Sponsored Organic Trade Association’s First Pop-Up Shop on Sustainable Fashion in NYC
  5. Participated in Copenhagen Fashion Summit on Circular Economy
  6. Fundraised and completed 300 miles, 5-day bike ride down the California Northern Coast for sustainability with Climate Ride
  7. Celebrated Dhana Anniversary with our Annual Summer Sale
  8. Awarded Best for the World Honoree: Overall & Community by B Lab
  9.  Established Youth For North Bay Fires Rally
  10. Partnered with Award winning artist, Aaron Ableman for “I Love Nature” Music Video